About me

Hi! My name is Shwetank Dixit. I work as a Web Evangelist for Opera Software in India. In particular, I'm doing work regarding site compatibility with Opera and promoting best coding practices on the web, in addition to developer relations in India. I'm also a member of the W3C Mobile Web for Social Development Group and the W3C Web Education Community Group. I also was involved in the WaSP-ILG. Besides that, I also run incredicampus.com. I actually made it when I was in college and now just maintain it. My new project is experimenting.in, which is a collection of my experiments with client side code, usually HTML5, CSS3 and other stuff.

I love the world wide web and I like good design. I'm also passionate about Web Standards and and the idea of an Open Web, instead of a web full of a number of closed, proprietary, walled gardens. My blogs can be found here. I like to keep experimenting with different blog themes, so don't be surprised if you go to my blog and find it different from the general design of this site. Also, I'm usually no good at spelling because I type fast and don't pay attention to how words are splet.

My interests include music, movies, photography, information retrieval and text/web mining, human-computer interaction, astronomy/astrophysics/cosmology, psychology and even sociology. Also, just because I have an interest in something does not necessarily mean that I am good at it.

If you want to contact me, please click here.